Kaimana Coastal Conservation and Community Development – Indonesia

Indonesia contains the most mangrove area (1/5 of the world's mangroves) and has the largest annual climate mitigation potential of any one country in the world (almost 30 million tons of emissions could be reduced from avoided mangrove conversion in Indonesia).  The country's mangroves are being lost at a rate of up to 2% per year however, mainly due to deforestation for aquaculture and agriculture.  

This project is a collaboration between Conservation International, University of Queensland, University of Texas Pan-American, The State University of Papua, and The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.  It serves as a pilot to

  1. demonstrate the climate mitigation potential and viability of blue carbon projects to international policy, national governments and local managers,

  2. develop science-based methodologies that can be used worldwide, and

  3. build capacity with indigenous communities to protect and manage coastal ecosystems in blue carbon rich-countries.

For more information, contact Dr. Jennifer Howard, Center for Oceans, Conservation International (jhoward@conservation.org)